Hello and new to Zorin

Hello all, bought the pro version a few days ago and played with it. I like it very much! I am a old Windows user and gamer, lucky I have a few computers so 1 is the gaming PC, Windows, other is Zorin. I would love to have all my Pc's on Linux but for gaming it's just not good enough and I have a lot of programs that are not running on Linux. I like the look and feel of Zorin and had no problems installing, Keep up the work, a happy user!


Keep in mind, that a lot of the apps that you normally use on Windows, have Linux replacements on Linux.

For example, Photoshop (Windows) = GIMP (Linux)

Adobe Premire (Windows) = Kdenlive (Linux)

You are right, gaming is still not perfect on Linux yet. However, with Steamplay Proton, most games are playable. The only ones that I've had actual issue with, were Windows games that had DRM attached. I wasn't able to get those to launch no matter what.

Keep playing around with Linux, I am glad your loving it, but there is so much to learn, the whole OS at your fingertips, so much control, oh my goodness the control.

Can you imagine that? And OS that gives you the rains where you have the control, must be so new to you right? Cause that is not what people on Windows have been experiencing as of late. With Windows, MS has the control.

With Windows, you will do what MS tells you and you will like it. Thats not the way I want to run my life, no sir! Zorin OS, better living when you can choose what is right for you.

You also have my heartfelt thanks for supporting the dev's, you are amazing! :smiley:


Welcome Edge.. Hope you enjoy your Linux Adventure..

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