Hello Zorin community I need help

Hello partners! I am new to the Linux community in general, currently using Zorin Os lite and I have the problem that the indalabrica wifi network icon disappeared, is there a way to add it again? It doesn't appear to add it from panel preferences, thanks!

Is the Wifi Adapter working? The device itself may have failed.

If you add the status notifier plugin to your panel, does it show a network icon (Either connected or disconnected)?

It appears as connected and I have wifi, the issue is that I want to access other networks and the icon does not appear

It shows as connected with Wifi: When you say other networks, are you referring to computer networks or to the internet?

I am sorry to ask for so much clarification. I have not yet come across a case of the Wifi being present and connected, then suddenly vanishing. So a lot of details may be needed.

I understand, sorry that it is so dense, I explain: I am connected to the internet, my Lapop uses its own integrated signal (not LAN), what happens is that when I installed it a few weeks ago, I connected to my home network (I have Wi-Fi) but when I want to connect to another network icon does not appear in the panel, try adding that icon but it does not appear in panel options (in preferences) thanks

I think I understand. You have a home network router. When you are at home, everything works.

However, if you go to a school or coffee shop that offers wifi, the icon does not appear in order for you to connect to that network - Have I understood correctly or have I misunderstood?

Yes, I have this problem, excuse my English, I am Argentinian.

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I wonder if you are set to a wifi band of 5GHz or 2.4GHz.

Some other networks may not support the band you are set to. You can test this by switching to 2.4GHz and then test connecting to another network.

You can check and change your band by opening Network Connections, selecting your Wifi Connection, then clicking the gear icon for the Network Settings on the bottom toolbar.
You can make your selection under the heading for Band.

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