HELP EMERGENCDY - tried to create virtual monitor and problems

I followded this and my screen has too many artifaxct unsuable i can'y I ncan't see what i'm typing please help me, is there any way I can undo the damage?

Just going tk toreinnstal reinstall zorin

The link led to a 404 error for me...
Sorry! Page not found. The page you're looking for has either been moved or removed from the site
Hopefully reinstall has gotten you sorted out...

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Yup I got the same message .....

Maybe this is the correct URL:

Did you read the comments before trying to install this? Apparently some others didn't read the "read me" file on this and it works only on specific hardware.

One of the commenters said they had to delete 20 intel files to get their screen back again.

What kind of system do you have?

Fixed already, reinstaled zorin

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