Help me get wifi (8188CUS)

Ow I also have the same, it's also a 32GB SD card

Ahhhh...... I'm aware. But I thought I could win! By "USB Wifi Dongle" u mean adapter?

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I have an Adapter, it's a D Link(idk the model because I teared off the sticker lmao)

The adapter works??

Sadly Noe, I was hoping to find a solution here. Gnome detected a battery but I have no battery on the Mini PC.

Uggggh.... there is no rest for the weary


I will try to open the device to see what's the brand and model of the Wi-Fi card. Probably some OEM only brand.


The vast majority of USB Wifi adapters do work, since it is in the manufacturers interest to make them as universal as possible. @FrenchPRess may be able to be more helpful than I on Wireless and Wireless Adapters.

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Oops, it is one of those laptops with 32BG eMMC storage which I said should be banned by regulators :anguished:

I would not be surprised.
My last Atom laptop was supposed to have a Bluetooth.
In reality, it even did not have a network card.
I ended up opening the back cover and install WiFi/Bluetooth module myself.

Really, for this kind of a price I strongly recommend to purchase a used laptop comes out of business lease.


I will tell you what I have and what works in Linux.

Basic 150 bps: RT5370 and 8188CUS
Faster 300 bps: RT5572

Drivers for the above chipsets are included in the Linux kernel and they should work OOB.

Search Amazon or eBay with the above chipset name.
Just be careful for those fake ones from China.

Returning is easy at Amazon but not at evileBay. (From my own personal experience).


I didn't want to assume this and come right out and say it- it is not as unuisual as it should be. Buying a least-expensive notebook on Amazon can get you a machine that does not have the stuff the listing claims it has.
My hackles went up with the listing description said "It has a wifi card of some mysterious kind..."
The seller didn't know. And if they didn't know, they didn't check it.


I had a close look at the product description page OP posted.
I was flabbergasted :anguished:

It is exactly the same spec as my 10 years old HP netbook.
It comes with Office 10 is the tell-tale indication of either dead stock or salvaged merchandize.

To make it even worse, this netbook even does not come with a real SSD/HDD. eMMC is slow and fragile. It is also impossible to replace since majority of them are soldered directly onto the motherboard to save the cost of installing a socket.

Like I said in the other thread, there are cunning sellers out there taking an advantage of the current pandemic and surged demand for computers at home. Many of the first time buyers need it desperately to keep their job and/or home schooling for their kids....

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Actually, keyboard integrated RaspberryPi400 is less than half of this price and guaranteed to work with Linux for ARM. Its CPU is way more efficient than old Atom CPU and it comes with 2 times more RAM with a faster speed.


But what if the OP's needed software doesn't run on ARM?

I have been using Linux on RaspberryPi for several years. I've never encounter a single app I need which does not run on the Arm based Linux. And I am a heavy Linux user.

Judging from the type of netbook OP purchased, his/her computer need is very light. If ever a certain app does not run on the Arm based Linux, there will be an equivalent which runs perfectly.


@wifiplease, Did you enable the wifi card ? Sometimes there is a power on/off button on a laptop or a fn + wifi key.

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I have completely forgotten that.
OP should check the manual about those switches.

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I am looking at used laptops. Iā€™m like obsessed with mini 10 inch screen notebooks. Any suggestions?

It was horrible. Even if could get WiFi Iā€™d need a mouse because the track pack was basically unusable. To click on something would take forever (ie, countless seconds) and it would zoom in randomly, and on windows os it would inevitably fall to the lower left hand side of the screen

I suppose you cannot return to the seller for refund at this stage?