Help removing DE

I installed xfce DE to try for a bit using

sudo apt install -y zorin-os-lite-desktop

now i wish to completely remove it, how do i do that ?
any advice is much appreciated

When you check subject Tutorials and customization there is advice how do that.


sudo apt remove --purge zorin-os-lite-desktop && sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-desktop gdm3

Reinstalling GDM should give prompts in the terminal to set your default display manager. Select GDM.

Once all complete and logged in to the desktop:

sudo apt clean && sudo apt autoremove

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thanks a bunch!

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I got no such prompt but i proceeded anyways and now it seems i deleted my desktop environment i can login without gui, I also cannot open any apps (attached images below

)Any help is Much appreciated :cowboy_hat_face:
Additional info i did setup time shift to make weekly copies (default storage settings, hopefully this would be helpful as I don't remember the path)


I tried to run apt reinstall for gdk again but it doesn't give option to set default display manager (attached image).

It wrote your gdm.service isn't enabled. Put second and third command.

  1. To temporarily stop GDM: $ systemctl stop gdm.
  2. To see the status of GDM: $ systemctl status gdm.
  3. To start GDM manually: $ systemctl start gdm.
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Also, can you please run

sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm3

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Thankyou very much @Aravisian and @Bourne now i have managed to get back my gdm ,but the original issue still exists ie: I can still see applications i got after installing zorin lite de,so i guess

this didn"t help in completly removing them
any additional help is appreciated.

Which applications are still present?

i had Xterm ,remina both of which i could manually uninstall and gnome games(sudoku,quadripressel,mines and mahjongg) rightclicking -->show details for any of the games showes option to install them(as if they arent already installed,but i can launch these apps normally and they work)
searching for their respective files in filemanager(nautilius) shows their folders with little lock symbols

I just need to seek clarity... You are listing these as items you wish to Remove / Uninstall, correct?

To do so:

sudo apt remove --purge gnome-sudoku gnome-mines quadrapassel gnome-mahjongg remina remina-common remina-plugin-rdp:amd64 remina-plugin-secret:amd64 remina-plugin-vnc:amd64

I do not recommend removing xterm. It may now appear in your app menu, but is an item that lays beneath the Terminal Emulator. What you can do is instead, launch Menu Editor (Menulibre or Alacarte, whichever you prefer) and uncheck the box next to xterm so that it once again does not show in your app menu.

doing this results inf ollowing error
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
E: Unable to locate package remina
E: Unable to locate package remina-common
E: Unable to locate package remina-plugin-rdp:amd64
E: Unable to locate package remina-plugin-secret:amd64
E: Unable to locate package remina-plugin-vnc:amd64

It appears that Remina is not installed.
What about:

sudo apt remove --purge gnome-sudoku gnome-mines quadrapassel gnome-mahjongg

Reference this post:

everything looks fine now thank-you very much

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