Help,Zorin 16 not offering "install Windows Along side Zorin"

I recently wanted to show my friend Zorin, so we decided to get going after a while we managed to remove legacy mode off his computer so we could boot the USB, after a while when running the install, it never offered to install windows along side, is it not possible in the "Try" mode or something, and like 200 GB of the Drive is not useable, because "there a 4 Primary Drives already"

any help will be accepted. thanks!

To add, by switching to UEFI mode has barred us out of windows, and doesn't revert. yet we have access to windows files


With MBR, you can only have up to Four Bootable partitions. This is true for any Operating System, as this limitation is set by MBR (Master Boot Record) and has nothing to do with Windows or Linux.
Can you please check what your four bootable partitions are and see if any are no longer needed.

there are 3, Records

Partition 1, 2, 3,

all 500 - 900MB

Can you please double check y our partitions?
This statement above shows that there must be four partitions.

If you format the last 200gb as extended you will have access to it for /home, which doesn't require bootable (primary) partition. Root must be a bootable partition, recommended between 30gb and 60gb (depending on how much software you plan on installing, especially games.

You can not use uefi installer with mbr formatted hdd/sdd. Zorin will have to be installed in legacy (mbr) or you will have to reinstall windows. Both types of boot records will not work together.

Yep, we decided to back up all his important Data, and then re-install windows, as a smaller partition

Thanks Sir