Help: Zorin OS on server for remote desktops


I have a couple of student laptops connected to a cracked windows remote desktop server. But we get a lot of request of other students in need of good working laptops. Unfortunately we have to stop with the cracked windows... or we will get a big fine.

Zorin OS might be a solution for us and the students, since it almost works te same as windows. I personally have zero to none experience with linux ect. so thats why I am posting this request.

We need help with creating remote desktops for multiple laptops based on Zorin OS. I don't know if it is possible or how, but we really could use some help. You can shoot me a massage below or in my DM and we can talk about the details.

Thank you for you help :grin:

I believe you are looking to set up a Cloud, which has the image of Zorin OS that can be repaired or reinstalled on the individual notebooks at will, correct?

Zorin OS Education offers remote connectivity features that are Not storing the OS on the Cloud, but instead, allow teachers or administrators direct remote access to any machine connected. This may actually be preferable, as different notebooks with different hardware may not properly respond to a cloud based operating system and need individual installation and driver configuration anyway.

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That might be a solution, but the students are renting our laptops. The laptops are basically operating as thin clients. If the laptop get damaged, students can get a new laptop, but with their own old data. Just like nothing has happend, because it is in the cloud.

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