High Processor Usage - XICCD

Zorin Lite 15.3

I saw a lot of processor activity in Task Magager, then noticed that I had two instances of “xiccd” running together. I stopped the problem one and now things are fine. Is this a known problem?

Symptoms: Fan constantly running much quicker than normal.


This is the issue that I am experiencing regarding logging in/out.

Is a new version of xiccd available?

Not sure. I know I have seen several times of xiccd gobbling 100% of cpu.

After some more googling, I found this thread with an updated version of xiccd provided in a zip.


What command would I run in the terminal to check the currently installed version?

xiccd --version


Ah, as simple as that, thanks.

The annoying thing is, I only found out about this problem just before giving my old laptop to its new owner, so I didn’t have time to fix it. I will be installing Lite on another old laptop in the next few days, so I’ll check it then.

Another useful link:

I can confirm that since I upgraded XICCD to version 0.3.0 I have had no further issues of the CPU running at 100% - this would happen during the process of logging back in and start a second instance of XICCD running.

Install at your own risk, because I downloaded this update from Linux Mint Forum.

XICCD - 0.3.0

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