Hitching in EA games

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Gday @Jennings92 ,

Not sure if you have dual boot already running?
Or just Zorin OS ( clean install)?
I see your link below for your Machine Spec's ( i for one don't like clicking link's Can you copy & paste, or type your machine Spec's here,
Thank you.

Machine make & model:
Windows 11 ( edition):
SSD/HDD & size:

This can be many thing's ( network connection if it's an online game ) updated BIOS/firmware or kernel/etc..
I would suggest testing offline if possible & see if you still get shuttering?
Does this happen on one particular Monitor? ( how How is the monitor connected, (HDMI? HDMI 1.4 or 2 or 2.1/etc Passive or active, old or new?)or VGA/ect.
This can also be a separate Topic;

It help's other when searching for specific issue's,
As you can appreciate These are separate issue's.
Site @community_moderators may split this any way, but in conclusion to my post, you may create separate Topic yourself & delete this one :+1:

i see your getting replies as i'm typing ,
So best to create separate Topics
& provide machine spec's
In the meantime, check for BIOS/Firmware/system updates first.

Hey @Ocka

I actually never really dual-booted to begin with. I've heard it can be a bit finnicky/a pain-in-the-butt, but I personally think it just depends. But didn't want to risk it or have anything go wrong. So that's why I just clean installed Zorin OS.

Also, no offence, but you KNOW there's no harm in clicking on links, right? O.o Still, I'll provide the components for my pc: CPU is an Intel i7-10700K [Stock, not overclocked whatsoever.], I've 16GB of G.Skill Trident Z Royal 3200MHz @ CL16, GPU, is an RTX 2070 SUPER, SSD is a Samsung 970 Evo Plus 2 TB [The ONLY drive in my system of course.], & MOTHERBOARD is the MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge WiFi.

As far as the first topic goes, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is a game where you can NOT play offline since you HAVE to have an internet connection for online play. Obviously, there's nothing wrong with the display itself, the issue I've noticed is just a bit of lag/hitching, but very minor of course. But it's connected via DP of course.

With regards to the last comment you added, I would have done a couple of different topics, but TBH, that would have been a bit of a hassle, & remember- the post said "A Few Random Questions". So why bother to complain when you can just simplify it into 1 post like I did anyway? :man_shrugging: Anyway, like I stated earlier, I have all the latest updates in place since I stay on top of those & my BIOS has been on the latest version as well since at least like 8 months ago or something.

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No worries. I AM well aware of what you already stated since tech is a passion of mine! :sunglasses: :v: Still, thanks for the friendly reminder! :slight_smile:

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It is recommended that threads concern one topic. This ensures that you get the help you need and those assisting know what they are resolving. This also assists future visitors a clear timeline of troubleshooting to solution.

While it may be easier for you to consolidate your issues, this actually creates clutter and confusion within the thread and forum.

Please take the time to separate your queries to three other individual threads.

Please do not unnecessarily burden the volunteer moderators and staff with thread maintenance further than what already is required.

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Alright. So if you wish for me to separate them, HOW the heck do I do that? Cause I really don't know how...

You can copy the text of the questions, each, start a new thread with a title and paste the body.

Repeat the process for questions 2 through 4. I will move the correspondence responses accordingly.

Please calm yourself, this is asked of everyone.

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Got it. But when you say "New Thread", do you mean just an entirely different topic? Hence a 2nd or 3rd post, etc?

Yes. Placed in the corresponding category.

You can do this easily by duplicating the browser tab and switch between as you create new threads.

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OK. Sorry about confusing everyone, but I prefer my posts to be condensed if there are multiple topic surrounding one issue. But in the future, I WILL try to remember to divide them up into their separate/appropriate topics accordingly.


Thank you for understanding. If you need assistance, please let us know. Thank you for complying with forum guidelines.

Maybe Introduction to Hardware Support will be of some assistance for future threads.

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It is certainly understandable how for you as an individual, this could be preferable. For a Public Resource as this forum is, keeping each topic separate helps many individuals neatly find answers they need to questions. Otherwise, they must sift and sort through a long winding thread that they have no experience with - even whereas for you, it is a thread you are well familiar with.
By all means, please do separate the topics out (Or a moderator can split each off to help make that easier, we do it all the time. :wink: )


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I agree that each different user issue should be written as separate posts (threads) and allocated to specific sections of the forum for efficient comprehension and diagnosis. I'm pleased the OP has accepted this as I am finding 4 topics interlaced here in this thread impossible to follow.

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I didnt expect to return to this..
My power went out at (maybe) the wrong time,

Thank you, To the Mod's for taking your time to attend this Topic,,

Enough has been said.
I'm will ignore, the unwarranted comments.

Please remember,
All helpers here are volunteers.

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