Home Folder Synchronized between Two Computers? How?


So I’ve installed ZorinOS 15.3 on my Desktop and on my Laptop.

Since I’m switching from these two computers frequently, I’d like to know how could I do to have the same Home folder in both of them.
In other words, I’d like to have my Home folder synchronize.

Is this possible?

The up-to-date method:

From the past:

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I had the same requirement and ended up using a program called Syncthing to achieve this and also to sync photos from my android camera to my PC. There are a number of tutorials on Youtube and I must admit that it was difficult for me to start using but I am used to it now. I sync certain folders for apps I need to share such as evolution, moneydance, cherrytree, and important document folders. Syncthing has a Browser interface and needs PC laptop and/or android phone to be on the same router. I cant sync the whole Home folder as Syncthing keeps a configuration file as a dot file on each computer’s home folder. With respect to a Browser, I use Brave and its sync ability for bookmarks and history etc.


Thank you, I’m going to try this today.

Thank you, I’m also going to check this since it seems at first hand that it might be an easier solution for me.

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There is of course a third option - have an external drive and create one big /home folder on it and just have Root and Swap (unless SSD then swap not required) on the machine’s hard drives - that way all your data is in one place and no need to faff with synchronisation - but I could be wrong on that last comment! For a while I did use Obmin, having setup a separate data partition that could be accessed from Windows and Zorin and smartphone. The only downside to Obmin is that it can’t offer https addresses.

Seems they have a server version now! Like I said - been a while: