How can i clean hard disk with zorinos

Hello i need help, how can i clean hard disk with zorinos to sell i need to sell it but idk how to wipe it all to have nothing on it if someone know how please help, thank you.

Not too sure if there's any software available to wipe or reset. Something called Resetter on github was maintained but, no longer.

Maybe just a reinstall, choose 'wipe and use full disk' option to format. GParted can also provide low-level formatting if you need but, it'll take a while. Not sure if Zorin has an OEM type install - install system and first boot is user creation and setup. Have done that with other Ubuntu flavors in the past, really haven't looked in Zorin for that though.

I am not sure about a GUI software solution, as well.

But in the terminal, you have a few options. One is shred.
Use lsblk to note which partition or drive you want to wipe. Where the example drive is sda:

sudo shred -n 3 /dev/sda

If you want verbosity so you know what is going on:

sudo shred -v -n 3 /dev/sda

There is also the to option zero out the drive:

sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=4M status=progress

I also like @PlumpKibbles suggestion above and for a very good reason. You are looking to sell the drive. Using his suggestion above, this will format and partition the drive making it user-friendly and ready to use for your buyer.


In the past I have been faced with the same problem. I have a USB with download of DBAN (Dariks Boot & Nuke) in a sealed envelope in my safe. After running DBAN more than once I have installed Zorin Lite to the whole HDD and donated a working package.


Wouldn't a re-install use an EXT4 file format? That won't be compatible with Windows so the buyer may not be happy about it. There's also no guarantee that the entire disk will be used so data may still be recovered by someone experienced, so I think is best to zero it and format it as NTFS.

In ZorinOS Core there's a program called "Disks" that you can use. Select the drive you want to format, and on the top right you will see a dotted button that will reveal the "Format Disk" option. There, you can choose the slow method to zero out the drive. In fact, you will get a nice tip telling to use the slow method if you are trying to sell the drive and whatnot:

Note that this is much slower. For reference a 64 GB thumbdrive is estimated to take about 30 minutes; just something to keep in mind.

EDIT: When it's done click on the + icon and create a new partition, using all the available space and select the file format that you want. As mentioned I would recommend NTFS which is compatible for Windows but you can of course choose another one as you see fit.


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