How can i increase my root partition size?

I did a silly mistake when i was installing zorin os. I used a 60gb partition to install. Now i am running out of space. But i do have a free 90gb partition. Now i want to know if i can merge my root partition(60gb) and the 90gb partition so that it the root partition becomes 150gb.

You can. Boot into the live image, can't modify the system partition while it's mounted. Delete the 90GB partition. Extend the root partition the rest of the drive. Write it to the disk and your done. 150GB root partition.

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Will something happen to my data ? And what program should i use to extend it ?

Gparted... it is in the utilities category under the start menu i believe. You can type it in the search box in the app menu to pull it right up.

Your data will most likely be safe. You are extending and not moving the root partition, so it should stay untouched during the operation.

Any time you change the partition there is a possibility of revealing faults in the drive, and could cause the disk to fail. After performing hundreds if not thousands of these operations i can say that you should be fine.

I would back up the data that is important, your personal files, to be on the safe side. Everything else, may be a pain, but can be redownloaded


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