How can I replace Nautilus with Thunar?

I would like to replace the default file manager Nautilus with Thunar. What is the easiest way to do this? Just install thunar then $ apt remove nautilus?

Yes you could do that, but it also doesn't hurt to have multiple file managers for redundancy. Take myself for example, I have Nautilus, Nemo, and XFCE Thunar. Each file manager has their advantages and disadvantages.

Removing Nautilus is likely to remove the Zorin OS desktop along with it. Removing the Stock File Manager is Not Recommended.

The wise Aravisian has spoken.

Recommendation...Do not remove Nautilus. Instead, install more sweet file managers to help you become more productive. :sunglasses:

The file manager does more than just act as a GUI that shows files in a window, so when you install a file manager that did not come with your system, it comes as an abbreviated version, or at least with only the dependencies it needs. The default File Manager controls the desktop and is integrated in. The later installed one relies on the integrated FM without including all the integration.

That integration can cause confusion as to just what it is that the file manager does.

How can i replace my default file manager then?

You can install Thunar.
Then open terminal and run the following command

xdg-mime default thunar.desktop inode/directory application/x-gnome-saved-search

Thank you.