How can I turn off the keyboard during boot?

Is there a way to make the keyboard stay disabled until I start the graphical interface?

There isn't - otherwise, you would be unable to use Grub. Disabling keyboard until you have GUI would be a destructive action.


I really have to ask...why do you want to unplug it in the first place ?


I think my keyboard is damaged, or Zorin thinks so, during boot a lot of these things start to appear

[[3 ~ ^]

Which apparently are the (.) Key on the numeric keypad, the problem is that my keyboard does not have a numeric keypad

Thats when a key is pressed, got that sometimes when i pressed a f12 key to fast.

But in my case I don't press anything, in fact I don't even have that key

It's a regular key, it depends on which one you hit a few times. I get that when i shut down my system and press a key a few times.

Jesusito, you had an entire thread devoted to the (.) key seeming to press itself.

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You say no hardware issue... this tells me hardware issue.... get a new keyboard.


My keyboard works on Windows and Debian, I decided to remove Zorin and install Windows again to see if in a few months an update will solve this problem and the other thousand that I have :frowning_face:


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