How do I access my system/root folders through the GUI?

Hey there,

If I open the files app, I can only see 'home' and such. Is there a way to see my Linux root/operating system without needing to touch the terminal (I am a scared of that program haha).

I've found a workaround using 'Browse game files' via the Steam App and then going up a folder from there, but I want to learn ZorinOS better and figured I'm being silly and missing a button or something that lets me see system files in the GUI.

Thanks for any help. Also, thanks to the community for the support in ZorinOS!

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Open the file manager, click 'other locations' (located bottom left), then click 'computer'.


You can also press Ctrl + L to access the address bar on the file manager, and replace everything with / to access the root directory. I found this to be very useful when I need to access a long path that I get from error messages, where I can just copy paste it.


Thanks so much! It makes sense it being there too - can't believe I missed that haha :slightly_smiling_face:

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