How do i download missing firmware

Does someone knows how to download missing firmwares for Zorin OS?

Could you please tell us what makes you think that you are missing some firmwares in Zorin?
Error message in terminal?

In software updater, when you see this message as a new kernel is installed and initramfs is rebuilt... this is a bug in the Ubuntu kernel:

And is under advisement. Nothing is missing, as long as your devices are working, the message is a bug that reports unneeded, unused or not installed drivers as missing.

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Will this dissapear after you get updated to Zorin 16.0?

Yes, chances are it will disappear within then next update, even.
The "possible missing firmware" usually shows that there is a 'placeholder' in the kernel marking a position that will have an addition in the future.

Also please note this post by Zabadabadoo:

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@Aravisian Please note @Jonte already posted there before starting here, so your link could result in a infinite loop :wink:

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It's ok, I've got Hydraulic powered scissors.


@Aravisian Where can i download /lib/firmware/i915

In Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based Derivatives, like Zorin OS, the firmware is included in the kernel. Sometimes, after an update, the kernel will have a 'placeholder' marker for future additions- this throws the "possible Missing Firmware" notification. This usually refers to the non-free firmware.
It is usually harmless and can be ignored. The next kernel update will almost always put an end to it.

If you do not want to wait and want the warnings gone right away, you can use the Debian Sid supplied package to install the non-free firmware:
Save the file, then double click it to run the installer.

Okay @Aravisian it is maybe better to wait then and see :slight_smile:

I tried the link to download the installer to get rid of the error message. Got a message saying that it won't install due to unmet dependencies> I guess I will just wait for the update.

Also, see here: