How do i get faceit working?

how do i get faceit working for csgo

Sadly, you can not:

if i use the mobile app cant i look for game then when they give me the ip i type it into the computer?

FaceIt devs have not made a version for linux. Unless they keep CSGO on EAC then it will not work. Message the FaceIt devs to have them offer it. It's a limitation they created, not Linux.

FYI: I just played CS:GO through Steam without any issues on Debian 12.

csgo works perfectly i just want to play faceit instad of MatchMaking

Yeah, once again that would be a question or request for the devs of FaceIt. Push them to make a Linux version. They have avoided it, but with people requesting it and the proliferation of Steam Deck devices, they will eventually HAVE to capitulate.

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Good news

nice hopefully it will be added soon so we can start playing competitively

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