How do I get Plex to work with the firewall?

Found this but it looks complicated.

BTW, do we really need the firewall? I set it set to block incoming traffic.

Got it to work with Zorin Connect via:

sudo ufw allow 1714:1764/udp
sudo ufw allow 1714:1764/tcp

The link may be helpful.

ERROR: You need to be root to run this script.

Had to use sudo. Why didn't they?

Hang on...

OK, it worked but there is something wrong with permissions on my PC. I had to use sudo -H nautilus to change ownership of /etc/ufw/applications.d to Me in order to create the plexmediaserver file.

I've had to do this before. Any idea how to fix this?

Use sudo -i for going to Root. It elevates to Root under Root ownership.
The sudo -H elevates you to Root, within Home Ownership.

I really don't understand this stuff. Only been using Linux for a month. Is there something wrong with my permissions? Why to I have to hack into files when other people don't?

It doesn't look like it to me... You say you had to change ownership of a Root Directory to your user directory - and that is unusual and may be dangerous.
I would transfer ownership back to root and troubleshoot the script, instead.

OK, changed it back.

I gotta install Zorin on several other computers so that should tell me if anything odd is going on. Or just boot from the thumb drive.

I was also unable to edit alsa-base.conf without changing permissions.

BTW, I did change my display name. Does that have any effect? Changed it back.

I think it really could, actually. It shouldn't... But that doesn't mean that it won't.
If it was me, I would opt for a reinstall with a fresh start. Just to save any headaches later on down the road.
I understand many people shun that option... But it never is as bad as a person fears...

Might. I have no probs installing. Gotta do it on 4 other PCs anyway, if I can find that old laptop and PS. A key got stuck and I never got around to fixing it. Like new. Nice little thing. I hope its 64 Bit.

Edit: As an experiment, gonna change my display name back to the original one, re-login and see if i can edit alsa-base.conf. Maybe boot from the thumb drive too.

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OK, booted from thumb drive and it's the same. I guess my prob is I'm making changes via the GUI rather than the terminal?

Really, the end result should be the same.

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