How do i give zorin os more space on my computer?

Hello, a couple hours ago i switched from windows to zorin os on my laptop,
during the install it asked me to give zorin os some space on my hard drive (my hard drive is around 400 gb i think), i gave it 50 mb. I did this because windows still had a lot of random files and such.
i've now deleted these random files and want to give zorin os more space on my drive while still keeping windows, how do i do this?

this is the drive space thing

There are countless explanations online either written or as videos. I found this one a while back and it helped me install many distributions on one SSD. I refrain from doing that nowadays but it can help you hopefully with a dual boot using Windows. Look up more videos on YouTube.

Rather than letting Zorin decide, you use Windows own Disk Management tool to shrink the C:\ drive. Windows estimates the safest amount that can be utilised. If you don't have Windows 11 you can use Neosmart's EasyBCD as your bootloader instead of Grub. As a precaution against things going wrong:

  1. Backup all critical data from your Windows install.

  2. Create a Windows boot repair disc/usb from Windows.

Here is an old tutorial video of mine:

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