How Do I install a Bar Code Printer to Zorin 16 Core

I just loaded Zorin 16 core on a PC that I will use to replace my old PC with Zorin12. Zorin reconized my desk top printer and it works. I need to install a Bar Code label printer - "Argox OS-214plus". When I connect the printer via USB, Zorin kind of recognizes it but then it says needs driver but can't find any. The manufacturer has only one or two Linux drivers for this printer model. I down loaded a file called "ARGOX_Linux_Printer_Driver-V1.8.0(64-bit).tar.gz" that says Ubuntu in the description. How do I install this on Zorin 16 Core?

Extract that file, the tar.gz - right click -> Extract Here --

That will create a new folder with the drivers. In the folder, one of the files is called 'install' - right click that file -> Properties -> Permissions, and make sure 'Allow executing file as a program' is checked. You can double-click the file and install, like a .exe in Win - or - you can right click empty space in the folder, select 'Open in Terminal' and in the terminal window issuing: sudo ./install and will ask for your password - enter your password, and that should start installation.

Also - might not need it but, installing 'libusb-dev' (sudo apt install libusb-dev) will help with USB connections; drivers / firmware. Might help things; just extras to support a more broad spectrum of USB devices.

unarchive it using:

tar -xzf filename.tar.gz

If the extracted directory has an installable file, install it by first cd filename, then,

sudo make install

However It is recommended to read any instructions or a file that you might find inside the extracted directory.

Yep, where I got the instructions in the above post :+1:

Also no readme or make files :smirk:


Read through the 'Install' file - basically, a batch to copy all the ppd's into the right place, config a little, and exit. Pretty lite - I was kind of assuming it was adding a ppa and installing through apt. I like the uninstaller being there too; makes easy cleanup when removing.

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