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How do I install Zorin OS Education Apps on Zorin OS 16?

HI i was wondering how I could possibly install the education apps on Zorin OS Core, as I do need them for the classes i'm taking and it would possibly make my life a tad bit easier

The short answer is Yes. None are exclusive and all are in the repository.
The only thing you really need to know is - the application name and what it does.
Which... I do not have a list handy of all the apps that come with Zorin OS Education...

If you don't have Synaptic Package Manager installed, get it from the Software Channel.
Click on Search and just enter 'education' - and you will see a plethora of all Educational packages available - was there a specific age range you were looking at or everthing including the kitchen sink? If you click on an application in the top window on the right of synaptic a description of the application appears in the window below and sometimes there is a link to the project page for you to get more information.

For age 2-11 I can highly recommend GCompris - free to Linux users, chargeable to Windows users! and in Multiple languages, it's most recent being in Gaelic.

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Highschool - University

also how come these commands do not work any more?

sudo apt install zorin-os-education-preschool zorin-os-education-primary zorin-os-education-secondary zorin-os-education-tertiary


I've just done a search for education-tertiary and it came back with nothing (Synaptic). May need to look elsewhere, or it could be because I installed KDE. I will also look in 'Software'. Sadly for the time being take a look here:

There are a lot of apps in Software but no segmentation apart from 'subjects' - Astronomy, Chemistry, Languages, Math. Another down-vote for Software channel!

[UPDATE] - Perhaps enabling Multiverse might get access to the missing packages:

It would be better if they listed what apps come with the education and pro edition in the Zorin website. That way people will know what apps they will get by installing Zorin education or pro.

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I'll download the education iso later and run in virt manager.

[UPDATE: 16:30 GMT - downloading education version now - no 16 version only 15.3.]


If you are using Zorin OS 16, currently, then the commands you suggested will not work because you are on the Focal repository on Zorin OS 16.
Zorin OS 16 Education is still in development, so the only available packages are in the Bionic Repository - for Zorin OS 15.3.

However... Many of the individual packages are in the Ubuntu Main Universe repository, so can be installed as the Focal Versions.

OK, not necessarily tertiary but certainly secondary:

GeoGebra (Algebra application). https://www.geogebra.org/
KBruch - (Practicing fractions and percentages)
KTouch - Touch typing tutor
Scratch - MIT programming application
gbrainy - gbrainy is a brain teaser game and trainer to have fun and to keep your brain trained. It includes:
Logic puzzles. Challenge your reasoning and thinking skills.
Mental calculation. Arithmetical operations that test your mental calculation abilities.
Memory trainers. To prove your short term memory.
Verbal analogies. Challenge your verbal attitude.
Use the settings to adjust the difficulty level of the game.
Default is Medium - lower is Easy, higher is Master.
Games with colours can be skipped for users with color vision deficiency (the correct terminology currently used for colorblind users - so the app needs updating!)
Veyon - for monitoring and controlling computers across multiple platforms. (Veyon | Cross-platform computer control and classroom management)

Blender, Darktable, Dia (Technical diagram creation),
E-book viewer, GIMP, Inkscape, Krita, LibreCAD, LibreOffice Draw, Sribus (DTP application)

Office Apps:
LibreOffice, Planner (Gantt Chart creator - Critical Path Analysis), VYM - View Your Mind - Mind map creator, Xournal (Journal).

Builder. (Create Apps for Gnome: Apps/Builder - GNOME Wiki!)
Fritzing (Beta): Fritzing
Sysprof. (Start profiling your [computer] system with the Record button.) Apps/Sysprof - GNOME Wiki!

Avogadro. Advanced molecule editor and visualiser. http://avogadro.cc/
Octave. Powerful mathematics-oriented syntax with built-in 2D/3D plotting and visualisation tools. Drop-in compatible with many Matlab scripts. GNU Octave
KAlgebra. KDE calculator application for Algebra (cf. GeoGebra).
The KDE Education Project - KAlgebra
Kalzium. Superb periodical table application.
KDE Marble - like Google Earth only better - no Google!
Rocs. Graph Theory IDE for designing and analysing graph algorithms. Rocs - KDE Applications
Stellarium. Astronomy application. Stellarium Astronomy Software

Sound and Video:
Ardour 5. https://ardour.org/
Audacity 2.2.1 (the non spyware version) - audio recording software/editor.
KDEnlive - The GNU/Linux Sony Vegas video editor - its what I use for all my Vimeo uploads.
MuseScore 2 - absolutely superb Music notation editor with Instruments so you can make some orchestral movements. Sadly no free tutorials - they have to be paid for!
Pitivi - open source video editor - not as polished as KDEnlive but simpler to use.
xjadeo - XJADEO - The X Jack Video Monitor

I have not listed all the educational apps as the ones I have omitted are for younger learners and applications like VLC and Videos (Video Player) are not educational in themselves, so omitted. I would however look at removing Firefox/Firefox ESR from any version of Zorin as it now grabs telemetry that is hidden (cannot be turned off), probably as a command from their Google sponsors! I would replace with either Epiphany (Gnome) or qupzilla reborn Falkon web browser - if the latter is suitable for children in Africa using Emmabuntus then Falkon should be good elsewhere too! Hope this helps.


I could not see many applications under Education and think this might be because Multiverse PPA's are missing? (in Synaptic to be clear)

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