How do I keep photos rotated on Ristretto?

I'm using Zorin 16 Lite and the Ristretto photo program. When I rotate a photo it does not stay rotated the next time I view it. How do I permanently rotate the image?

As per the documentation, this is not possible with Ristretto itself. I don't know if there's some plugin or something that may bring this functionality though.

The control and s shortcuts will save it rotated. Or, you could install viewnior and do it from there.
sudo apt install viewnior


Well, that is something they should probably mention in the documentation, given how common this task is.


Just tried, no. That's not true, not anymore.
To resize an image, install viewnior and set it as the default viewer for images.

sudo apt install viewnior

Thank you for this. I used this today. I never knew that lol

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