How do I kill or terminate windows that have gone dark?

At the moment all I can do is reboot the entire laptop. Usually when a window goes dark it only goes dark for some seconds but I had Google chrome go dark and it stayed dark and then I can't even click on the windows X button on the top right. Is there a simple resolution to this?


killall <Insert app>

in your case;

killall google-chrome
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Also, you can use the existing xkill portion of Xwindow.
Add it to keyboard shortcuts with xkill as the command and the shortcut whatever you want (I use ctrl+alt+k).


Does xkill need any arguments or does it always kill the current window?

Neither- tap the shortcut for xkill, then the Mouse Cursor will turn red (or some other indicator). Left Click the offending window, and insta-death.

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Without adding anything to your os, you may want to try the alt + f4 key combination while in focus (which can close stubborn applications at times).

Otherwise I enter Stacer's process manager window and kill it there.

@337harvey I am ashamed to say my keyboard was made in China as as such the the F4 key is only available as some bizarre combination of key presses. Maybe when WWIII is over, and they start having shipping again, I might manage to procure another but for now it is the only slimline keyboard that I could get.

It may have function keys, which holding the function key, or the combination of fn and fn lock, ctrl + fn, alt + fn may lock the fn key on allowing alt + f4

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