How do I shut down easily?

  • Zorin Core 16.2 (Gnome)

It is annoying to have to click twice on a small button or menu. However, it would be nice to have a minute to cancel so as not to accidentally shut down.

I'm a little confused. You want to shutdown without traversing two menus (get that) but in the op you also ask for a confirmation to cancel... anywho.

If you change your battery settings at all, you will have an option to do something in power button press (nothing, sleep, shutdown), set it to shutdown. Don't hit the power button unless you're sure.

While there is a confirmation dialog that can be enabled for shutdown, i do not know any other possible means (without using the terminal) to cancel a shutdown... especially if it's in progress.


Shutting down with the power button would indeed be the closest I wanted. I would have preferred a software solution, but I could not find a good application, and there is very little risk of pressing the power button by mistake.

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It is a software solution, since it's the battery configuration app in the os. While a desktop button may be more desirable, there is no mistaking intention of hardware buttons.

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This is a contradictory statement as @337harvey has already pointed out.

Put the logout, shut down button option into your taskbar.

It may be tough going to try and find a solution for this using 3rd party software because it isn't a problem that needs correcting. It should be more than one step to shut down your system as you pointed out above to avoid doing it by mistake. Once a shutdown is in progress you can't stop it...


You can also create scripts just for this purpose. The shutdown command will default to one minute... ran again with a flag will cancel it. This to can be placed in the taskbar, add an icon to it, and you won't be able to distinguish it from the system's default shutdown buttons.

I still think it's easier and better suits the function to use the hardware button and battery config settings (mho).

I found a satisfactory way. It is to create a .desktop file like below.

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Power off
Exec=gnome-session-quit --power-off
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I still think it is easier to modify the power button action when pressed. You are splitting hairs when saying it is easier to use the mouse. Matter of preference, but you don't hold the mouse the entire time you are on a computer.

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