How do you post videos to the forum?

Question is self explanatory. I have an .mp4 file I want to upload since I have a problem with Zorin OS but the forum doesn't allow it. Do I have to convert it into another format or is there any other way?

You can upload that video to Google drive or Media Fire and provide the link of that particular media file. After that we can access the file. Current you can only share Images in the forum😅
I think it's the best solution :nerd_face:
Valiant Boy

You can also upload it to youtube and set it to that only people with the link can watch it.

Thanks a lot for the suggestions, I will try them.

Alternatively, depending on the size of the file you could also:

create yourself an account where you are able to get a free address and 1 Gb of Cloud Storage (not a lot if the video is large!)

Or get a free account with Vimeo if they still do them: - no free account $6 a month paid annually - it's what I have - the Plus account - you are allowed to upload 5 Gb per week.

Or get a free account - no limits on that video site but can't provide a private link but I don't use it much these days.

I used Storm's suggestion and it worked well.
But all the suggestions here are great too.
Thanks for the help, everyone.

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