How i can install that type of app in linux(compile from source)

i'm using zentile app(executable version) for tiling in xfce, but i found it stops and close when run xfdashboard app, i found there r options in compile version of zentile can solve that by ignoring xfdashboard or any app i want zentile to ignore it, but i can't install that compile version. in it's instractions there is
compile from source

$ go get -u
$ go install

i tried to install go snab, but i get error when running the above command

What's the output/error? Did you install Go first?

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eid@eid-HP-Compaq-6005-Pro-SFF-PC:~$ sudo snap install go --classic
[sudo] password for eid:           
snap "go" is already installed, see 'snap help refresh'
eid@eid-HP-Compaq-6005-Pro-SFF-PC:~$ go get -u
go: go.mod file not found in current directory or any parent directory.
	'go get' is no longer supported outside a module.
	To build and install a command, use 'go install' with a version,
	like 'go install'
	For more information, see
	or run 'go help get' or 'go help install'.

As it says "go get" is no longer supported. Try instead with "go install"

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eid@eid-HP-Compaq-6005-Pro-SFF-PC:~$ go install
go: 'go install' requires a version when current directory is not in a module
	Try 'go install' to install the latest version
Try grab it manually here instead

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ok, I have garbed it manually(the compile version), but how i can install it?

The file extension is?

Threre seems no installation script for this, so I guess it's going to be manually. But I no idea for this type of app/extension, behaps someone using XFCE know?
What if you use the binary file instead? You can set XFCE to autostart the binary file on every bootup.

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that is source code(zip or tar.gz)

do u mean the excitable one? i use it, but it miss options to ignore tiling for certain apps

Behaps @Aravisian know where to put extensions manually on XFCE as he uses XFCE.

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Have you gone through file?
it makes it quiet clear.

After some deep research, I suppose you are looking for a way to tile your windows. You should Check this Out.

I know about the default tiling in xfce with mouse and arrows it is very good, but i'm using zentile for auto-tiling, it's the best in xfce(xfwm), there is other window mangers in xfce(like i3,awsome,etc)which do perfect and the best autotiling, but it's lost most other features which xfwm has.

Check this out first,

if this Do not work Go for i3wm,

Use the precompiled version:

chmod a+x zentile-linux-amd64


This bothers me, actually... go is golang developed by Google. It is a bit unusual that the author would restrict users to it.


To resolve this just add @latest in the end of the path.
go install

Oh well... there you go then...


and that is complete guide to install zentile(source code go)
but the step of command above (go install the solution, the step of that command in video is old ,not working now