How I can run app like that without popup password?

there is an app to run it in terminal i must do that:
sudo ./app => then type password,
or: if i do shortcut app launcher for it with that command :sudo ./app , working dir, it can't run, or it can't popup gui authentication to type password,
how u deal with that type of apps?

sudo -i

Then simply launch the app by typing the name or source

when i use that , i will need to password too, i want to run it without password

Ah, I see.

Elevating anything to Root requires a Password for security and safety.
If you want to remove the safety bar from a chainsaw- I cannot help you.

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I tried to do that to and broke my notebook before I could break my Desktop Setup. I achieved something But, at a great cost. Password is Like a Soul attached to Zorin. You can set it to not ask for password, but it still asks the key ring. You can try to get Various types of Authentication Devices that can make your login Easier. But, you cannot remove password from Zorin OS.

Kali Linux used to come like that. Your login was all there was.
Nowadays, Kali is like Zorin OS with a User account separate from the Admin account.
At the time of the change, a lot of people complained.

But I think on this forum, we can readily admit why it was necessary.


You should be able to add your username and the app to the sudoers file using visudo.

That way when you type sudo app it won't ask for the password.

sudo visudo

Add the following:

username ALL=NOPASSWD:full_path/app_name


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