How i can uninstall xfce panel plugin and install new one instead?

I have edited in code of xfce panel, and i want to install it instead of current xfce panel, how i can uninstall the current one?

killall xfce4-panel
sudo apt-get remove xfce4-panel
sudo apt autoremove
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Did you compile the source?

no, u recommend compile the source , before remove the current one?

If you changed the xfce4-panel in source, you must compile it in order to install it.
This means, if you remove the panel, then try to install your modified one without compiling it, it will fail and you will be left without a panel.
(you can just reinstall the standard one from APT if that happens. Terminal keyboard shortcut ctrl+alt+t)

The way I do this normally, is I compile it,t hen create a .deb package for it. This way, I can set the version number higher than the current package - preventing APT from replacing the modified package with a newer one from the repository.
So you must also be wary of "upgrades" later.


what is the version of current xfce panel in zorin lite?
and how u can convert the compile source to .deb, and how u can set version for it?

xfce4-panel 4.16.3

Version number is set in the debian directory of your build in the control file and the changelog file.

I use debuild but which method you use can depend on how you are going to apply it. For example, or local use, you can also use dpkg-deb --build ...
You would be better off searching for a guide on the web for creating a .deb package. You will need to organize the directories in a logical way - including a debian directory that must contain necessary files following a necessary format.
It's a lot to cover in a Forum post.
Before this, you must recompile your changes into the source of your xfce-panel modification.


I have replaced the xfce panel plugin, and worked good, but i can't reach to a lot of plugins, i don't recommend any one to do that, also i can't install or add any plugin, only i can use the plugins in the list. i wish if i know the reason for that

the problem that i didn't follow your instruction to convert source code to .deb, so i found to use source code I must specify the correct library directory,
Thank u , and Thanks for Toz adminstrator of xfce forum which told me that

Toz is a notorious legend.

Are you installing a Panel Plugin or the xfce4-panel itself?
In the thread you linked that is for the xfce 4.17 panel.

i was installing xfce4-panel(which included the internal plugins)
but i have the other external plugins installed before,but the new xfce4-panel which i installed it can't read or find these external plugins ,so i nedded to specify the correct library directory while compiling it if i used source code in the installing

i don't know , but that xfce4-panel version is 4.16.3, but before that i tried 4.16.5 as in picture above, which has window header-buttons,window header-menu,window header-title
i will try to convert that version to .deb, and try to install it ,to show result, but the problem i can't find good resources in the web to convert to .deb, i get error when doing that

Oh... well I can see you would have trouble with Panel Plugins being recognized if the plugins are for one version of xfce and the panel is for another version of xfce.

Are you trying to upgrade the xfce4-panel package beyond the Stable Version provided by Zorin OS Repository?

in the first , i wanted to replace current xfce4-panel in zorin lite with the same xfce4-panel version(but edited code), i wanted to
Integrate orage calendar with Xfce panel one click instead of double click , so i edited it source code, and it worked good.
Integrate orage calendar with Xfce panel clock
previous i wanted to upgrade to xfce4 panel 4.17, but glib version of zorin doesn't support that
now i will try upgrading xfce4 panel 4.16.5

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