How to access disks on a windows 10 pc?

I installed Zorin on a spare disk on my laptop. But I need access to several disks on my windows 10 PC. I would like the names of these disks to show up permanently in my Files app, or a resonable alternative, eg a file explorer app. I just don't want to have to click through many levels.

I am a newbie so please provide the simplest solution, preferably one that does not involve a long session in terminal.

Gday @ntow ,
Open " Disks"
You should see your other drives.
click the drive/partition, to " Mount " then.

Try this guide.

Thanks, mate, but I have a different situation. The laptop is running Zorin and the desktop is running Windows 10, which are on the same network. What I want to do is access the internal drives in the desktop from Zorin on my laptop. Since there are two different computers here, the internal drives on the desktop will not show up in Zorin on the laptop. If you have any suggestions .....

Ok, You'll need to setup network sharing.
Try this guide.

Also see this, has a few different ways as well as Samba. This focuses on permissions.

Check this askubuntu thread - Zorin 16 is a fork of Ubuntu 20.04:

Thanks. I'll give it a try. I'm only just getting started and I have not fully set up my Zorin yet.

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Thank you, too.

Hello guys. I did this. Share Folders on Local Network Between Ubuntu and Windows It took me three tries to figure out the exact way to do it but all I got was empty folders at each end. I don't have the stamina or patience to try anything else. Unless there is an app that will take care of it all, I am going to give up. Which means this Zorin instance on my laptop will be useless. Thanks for your help anyway.

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I think the best folder for sharing purposes is 'public' - this exists in Zorin and Windows - use that as the share at each end. :wink:

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Yes it can be a little overwhelming, Try following a youtube video, sometimes its better to see Than to read.

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Update - a friend came over and successfully set up the access for me. Thanks everybody for your assistance.

Gday @ntow
Glad to hear you fixed the issue.
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Thank you.
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Yes. I did that. A friend set up the access for me using his own way of doing it.

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