How to back original zorin 16 pro. version without reinstall?

Is there any way back to the first install version without reinstalling? I have Zorin 16 pro. version. I have installed/tested some commands from the internet and now face some problems like appearance is not like pros. show only 4 desktop layouts and animations not working even the Avro keyboard which was work perfectly when install, now not working. how can I back to the pro version or fix the problems?

Zorin OS Pro comes with some premium supplied packages. Really, the best way to restore it to default is to reinstall the OS.


Hi coderhasib,

Unfortunately, there is no OS recovery option for Zorin. Maybe someday...

Like Aravisian mentioned, the best option is to simply reinstall, using the same method you used before.

To prevent issues in the future you might consider to start using something like Timeshift. It is a program that can create backups/snapshots of your system files. So if something is not working, you can roll-back to a previous state without affecting your personal files (if you use the default settings).

Generally when I install a distro, I first update everything and check if all works. Then I install and run Timeshift. I manually create a snapshot which I call 'fresh install'. But because Timeshift can schedule regular backups, I actually never had a reason to use that particular that snapshot. There was always a more recent snap-shot that was good enough, saving me precious time not having to reinstall everything.


After reinstall you could make a recovery image using rescuezilla:

Afterwards you may want to install Timeshift that takes snapshots of your system, before updates/installing apps to get back to a known working ZorinOS:


I used Rescuzilla for the the first time a few hours ago...cloned my Zorin drive to a Sandisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD. It was very simple to do actually. I did have to download the Rescuzilla .iso and burn that to a USB stick. I used BalenaEtcher for that. Rebooted to the USB and Rescuezilla loaded and I then followed the very easy steps to do a clone.

My baseload of Pro is cloned and now I will do incrementals with Timeshift. I can now safely play and learn on Pro without too much angst. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear. Could you mark my post as solution to help other users? :wink:

I would be glad to but I am not the OP so I don't have the Solution box to mark. :slightly_frowning_face: I did do a Like on the post, it was very helpful.


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