How to Backup: Deja Dup + which application?

Hello there,

Since I’m going to install Zorin OS on my Desktop computer, I’d like to create a backup that will install my Home and all of the applications and settings I’ve currently on my Laptop.

I’m already using Deja Dup for my Home backup.

Now, I’ve several questions about how to backup the applications and settings:

  • Can I use Deja Dup for this? If so which folders should I backup?
  • Is there another application in Zorin to do this?
  • Timeshift: after some research, it seems a good option.

So far, I think that I’m going to use Deja Dup + Timeshift.

Do you know other options?

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Yes, you can.
Open Backups Deja Dup
Click the “Folders To Save” option in the left hand pane.
Click the “add” (+) button toward the bottom.
Select “Other locations” from the left pane.
Select “computer”
Select the folders / directories /files you wish to include in the back up.

As far as other options go- In reality everyone has an opinion and a preference. Sometimes the best way to find yours is by exploring and doing.

Be Warned:
When you save a back up of directories in Root, it is possible to also unintentionally back up a problem. Often, when users make a back up, it is to have a way of restoring personal files if installations in root go nutso.
Unless you have some very tedious and tricky installations you are wanting to never go through the hassle of doing again, it is often easier to install fresh (With configs saved in HOME) and install them again than it is to try to back them up.


Thank you for the Warning, I didn’t thought about it.

Now, I’m thinking about doing:
Deja Dup + A list of my applications + Configs

Deja Dup: ok
A list of my applications: ok
Configs : I cannot find the file or folder of the configs of my Zorin installation because when I search there are a lot of config files appearing.

Which one is it?

In your home folder, hit ctrl+h to reveal ‘hidden’ files. These have a period in front of the name.
You will see two important directories:

  • /.local
  • /.config

You will want to save other files there like /.profile (file, not directory).
If you use Firefox, be sure to save the /.mozilla folder.

Using Deja Dup, all of that will be saved by default.

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Using Deja Dup, all of that will be saved by default.

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Also consider:

  1. - for complete system backup
  2. Timeshift = System Restore on that other OS. Check the Software Channel.
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