How to boot from USB on Asus TUF A17


I recently bought the Asus TUF A17 fa706iu with American Megatrend BIOS 2.20.8049 but couldn’t find how to boot from USB…?

Anyone know how/where in this BIOS I can setup USB to boot from USB Key with Zorin?

Also…is their any thing that need to be done to install Zorin as follow?

this laptop has 3 internal SSDs

  1. bought with the laptop with W10 (c:)
  2. bought separately, this will contain Zorin (e:)
  3. 2.5 inches SSD with all my data (d:)

So my goal is to not touch the C: drive and install Zorin on the 2nd SSD.

I have already installed this 2nd SSD in the laptop, went to disk management in windows to format it, give it the drive letter e:

Is their anything else I should be aware to make sure this work as I mentioned above?

Thank you

Yes, ensure that the drive is not Secure Boot enabled and ensure that in your Windows Control panel settings, Fast Boot is disabled.
Fast boot locks the drive, preventing read/write to the drive if you are not actively already booted into Windows.

Here is a link that may help on the Boot Order

Thank you.
Just to confirm once these settings disabled and zorin installed I think I should put back these settings ?


No, you should not. Do not let the name “Secure” fool you. It is not really about security.
If you are going to have access to the other drive, those settings must remain disabled. And I am glad you asked, that.

I have deleted your duplicate post on the other thread. Please do not cross post.


I tryied…now 2 questions…

  1. when installing it ask me to setup a password for “secure boot” when choosing “install third party software for graphics, wifi etc”…

based on your input I should not…but I imagine it would be better if I want less issue with graphics, wifi hardware no?

  1. in installation type I have no idea what to choose…I have selected “something else” as I do not want zorin to be on same drive as W10 (c:) and want it on the 2nd SSD but there I 0 idea what to select…they are a lot of things and do not know which one to select…

as well I have to choose the “device for boot loader installation”…which one should it be…? c: or e:?

I have never seen that- but that may be because I do not have Secure Boot enabled in my BIOS (UEFI). Did you disable Secure Boot?
If you install with Secure Boot in your UEFI still enabled, it is possible it may cause PCI or RAID issues later on.

As per your other questions, I started typing a lengthy response but I think this Guide may help you more:

It is OLD- that references Ubuntu 12… But I read over it and everythign I saw still looks applicable.

Yes I disabled it…

I read the link but must say I did not understand anything…

I am on a laptop…not on a regular PC…the tuto mention to remove/disconnect the W10 disk…isn’t any simpler way to proceed…?

Also the " Select boot loader location as sdb , not sda (see red colored section)" is realy confusing…the print screen shows sda…?

This part of the install is really messy…as the one wrote…“Finally, if you could please point me to a guide or write your answer in the form of a guide for a two year old that’d be awesome. I’m still an Ubuntu novice and I don’t want to mess up my win10”…

in the end I absolutely do not want to change the 1st SSD with W10. I want to install Zorin on the 2nd SSD and want by default W10 to be the main OS…(if I don"t chose Zorin W10 is loaded…I need to select Zorin to have it launched)…how can I proceed…?

sda1 is your C drive.

I think, again, it would be better to steer you toward a Guide- I am no expert on dealing with Windows…
Not anymore, at least.

On step 5 - it covers Multiple hard drives.

thank you…here I read they say to use “Install Ubuntu alongside Windows 10” then “to decide which hard drive you’d like to install Ubuntu”

what is the difference with the other way to install I tried
before "“something else” ?

The “something else” option gives you full control over the installation, formatting,partitions and destination. The “Install Alondside of” option is essentially the same except that it is automated and you do not have as much control.
If you want to separate partitions or install home directory on a different partition than the boot or if you want to resize a partition before installing, then the “something else” is the way to go.

thks…then will try the along side…seems way much more easy…

…mmmm…no option to select the 2nd SSD…when using “Install Zorin alongside Windows 10” I only have the “Install Ubuntu alongside Windows 10 Boot Manager” located in my 3rd SSD (the one with the data)…I cannot select the one I want and do not even see c:…

For a supposed linux version for beginners I do not understand it cannot be done more accessible for the installation.
Without any clear and complete info I will need to give up. I cannot afford to mess up my W10.

…any idea…? Why does my 2nd SSD is not listed in “Install Ubuntu alongside Windows 10 Boot Manager”…?

@arkhane You are wanting to install Zorin on a second drive not alongside Windows on same drive. So I believe the “install alongside” method is not for you, although it appears the easy option. The “something else” method as advised by @Aravisian gives you full control of disks and partitions.

Also this item may be of interest:

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Yes, he mentioned that it did show sdb in the “something else” option in the other post.
I believe that is where the OP’s confusion is- Linux does not refer to C: drive and E:drive as Windows does. It is more physical, referring to sda1 or sda2 or sdb1 and so on.
To make this less confusion, just check the manufacturer and size of the drive, then compare that against the drive listed as sdb - if they match and you have only two drives, you know that you are good to go on that drive.

so…let’s take the following scenario:

I physically remove the 2 SSDs (1 W10 and 1 data).
I let only the remaining entirely free SSD.

Then I proceed to the install of Zorin on this 3rd SSD.

at that time I imagine I will not need to use “something else” but will need more “erase disk and install Zorin”…correct?

Then I will physically reinstall the 2 other SSDs…at that time is their anything to do ?
What will be the bootloader at that time? Grub or MBR? Which one will you recommend and for what reason?

Then imagine that later for some reason I want to get rid of Zorin without removing the SSD…what will I need to do at that time?

Thank you to provide clear and complete information. We are not all linux expert.

…no one to take care of this…?

Yes, you can remove the Windows drive and install Zorin on the other drive. Then, reconnect the Windows drive, but boot into Zorin. In the Zorin OS; open a terminal and run

sudo update grub

before trying to boot Windows.

BUT- you do not NEED to remove the Windows drive to install and since I believe you said this is a Notebook PC, you may prefer to not disassemble the Notebook. In this case, with both drives connected, boot into your USB copy of Zorin and choose the installer.
You will need to choose the “Something Else” method. This will open a disk manager, within which you can choose sdb as your installation drive. You can ensure that the sdb you choose is the HDD and not the USB Stick by looking at its Size.

I cannot install Windows on a drive and then install Zorin on another in order to create and post helpful screenshots. I have also tried searching the web for a similar guide that has screenshots, but have come up empty handed.

Another option may be to catch one of us online and you post pictures of your screen as you go so we can confirm or verify the next step as you go through the steps to ensure everything goes smoothly.