How to boot from USB on Asus TUF A17

“I, personally, am not sure Which Drive, given the name “/dev/nvme0n1” you provide, is the Empty Drive awaiting Zorin - So, I cannot say whether that is where you should proceed. I am not examining your machine there so… As you say, you Do Not Want to mess up the machine you use for Work. So Please triple check the drive and make absolute certain you are choosing the correct one (in fact, I think this is why the guide you were linked to early on even disconnected the other drive with Windows on it.)”

…I have posted the pictures of what I get in “something else”…with all other info I provided such drive brand/size can"t you check this…?

Yes, you said the drive is a 128gig drive and posted screenshots. In each screenshot that shows drive “/dev/nvme0n1”, all information next to it is blank. I do not see the size of the drive or any other information to confirm that is the 128 gig drive.
Perhaps others spotted something that I did not. But - it means I am not certain, given the information available- And certainty is something that you want.
EDIT: Nevermind! Apparently everyone else DID see something that I did not. I just scrolled up and looked.
It’s right there. Hit me upside the head.

ok thks.

for the grub I have found this in

  1. Install Grub Customizer:

Grub Customizer is a graphical interface to configure the grub2. The application allows the user to add, remove, freeze, rename and reorder boot menu items.

Open up terminal by hitting Ctrl+Alt+T and run following commands one by one:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:danielrichter2007/grub-customizer
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install grub-customizer

I gave it a try on an another laptop I have with Zorin installed on the only SSD and as the only OS…looks good…

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so you will be happy to know I could install Zorin…

Just I didn’t wanted to complicating the things with deleting some partitions etc…I selected /dev/nvme0n1 for the installation AND for the “Device for boot loader installation”.

then as mentioned I used Grub Customizer which allowed me to put W10 as 1st OS.

So far so good…expect Wine/Itunes which doesn’t want to install…

Zorin makes installing wine easy

sudo apt install zorin-windows-app-support

I am not sure about itunes…

iTunes will install using Wine. I had installed some time back to try and recover an iPhone but iTunes couldn’t do that. You need Windows for any apple device recovery. However, to copy media from the iPhone, iTunes is not needed.

That is the entirety of my experience with apple on Linux.

thks but to copy my music from the PC to the iphone it needs itunes unless I missed something…?

You’ll need Windows.

Hey sorry for having a bad experience installing Linux… May you back to windows and fix things up back to the clean drive c and the new drive… I think you are ruining your disk…


In windows we use letters to represent drives

In Linux we use also letters but the syntax look like this, sda… sdb, sdc, and so on it depends on the distro but zorin use sd… If you see sda1 sda2 sda3 it represents the partition of the drive.

I think windows is installed to your sda you should install at sdb, you can use something else and select the sdb disk and select the / on the drop down menu so the installer will be the one to put the /home, /boot and other folders automatically

I have an asus tuf a17 installed exactly as you wanted to… my first drive is dedicated to windows, my second drive is partitioned with a 50gb root partition, 250gb home partition and a 700gb sharable data partition.

At boot, as soon as you power on, Press and hold f2. This will load the bios. Press f7 for advanced. Go to the boot section. The top of the page has fast boot. Disable it. At the lower part of the page click secure boot, then change from enabled to disabled. May be under security. F10 to save and exit. After installation you can re-enable them. Secure boot is for the drivers, has nothing to do with you or you’re data.

Go back into windows. That hard drive you want to install Linux on, wipe it, no file system, or fat32. In the something else part of install you’ll have less confusion because you will know if it’s not ntfs it’s the right drive. You’ll be selecting that one partition and changing the size. Select that fat partition and choose change… at the top of the change window will be the size in megabytes[MB]. You’ll want at least a 30 gigabyte[GB] partition for root… no more than 50. To get the MB multiply the number you want by 1024…(ex. 30 x 1024 = 30,720) and that’s the number you put in. Choose format, choose mount position as /.

Now you have unallocated space. If you select that and hit change you can use the entire thing (i recommend a 20GB data partition you can see in windows to help with downloads for Linux) so whatever size allows that extra for a data partition[windows can’t see or interact with Linux partitions]. This one also gets formatted as ext4 and mounted at /home.

The last partition is so you can download things you’ll need to get everything working… same thing. Select unallocated space, this time format as NTFS (i know it says Journaling file system, ignore that tidbit and choose NTFS). Mount it at

You will have to type it in. Click ok, then install grub to the other drive. This will allow grub to see both systems and offer your choices. It will also take the place of windows boot manager. If you don’t windows will fight with grub and you most likely won’t be able to boot.

Took me since before christmas last year to get it right. I finally have zorin situated on my a17.

Rufus is the best for formatting quickly and creating bootable drives (free to).

Let me know when you’re set up that far and I’ll help you get what else you’ll need to make everything work as it should. Btw, expect your wifi to not work. Bluetooth does though… can Bluetooth tether to get the firmware to fix that… but that’s for a later time.

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Thank you.
I managed to install it…slightly differently as you since I used the complete drive for it. I did not bother partioning it.
Now my issues are:

mozilla thunderbird does not work as expected (I have opened an another thread for this.
Itunes…which based on what I read so far seems to be impossible to make it work the exact same way as on Windows (this include synch of all my music library on my iphone)…not only make it work using wine or related and not being then able to synch…
shortcut made on my desktop for which one I will open later a thread