How to change taskbar date to "Tue-Mar-7-23, 11:26PM" or "Tue,Mar,7,23" or "Tue/Mar/7/23"

I was able to change all this in ZorinOS Lite, but the ability to is gone in ZorinOS Core. I just now did a ton of research on how to do this, & its an incredible headache & insanely troublesome to do.


Right click the time in the taskbar & select " Properties ". then change the format under " Clock Options"

An example: set to " Custom Format
Apply %a %d %b, %R

For Tue,Mar,7.23 =%a,%d,%b,%y
Hope this helps.

@Ocka , I could find these options in Zorin Lite, but now I cant find them in ZorinOS Core.

Sorry my bad , i just read the Title & checked your profile & seen Lite... pays to read :slight_smile:

For Core you need an extension,
I see a suggestion of an extension called Clock Override,, Look in tweaks/extensions, ( I've removed tweaks so i can't see if it's listed, if not you may see a similar app to format the clock.
Try here:

I re-installed tweaks & didn't find that app, try this:

I've pretty much looked at all that, Clock override is no longer available on it. I dont know what to do.

Ok it maybe done via terminal, As i dont know the exact command, i'm looking at info in the man file.
, im about to leave,,

Open the terminal; Type

"man date" also use "date --help"

This will give you some help until someone may come along & know the string.

It looks like it maybe something like this,

date -s %u %b %d %Y

Sorry i dont have the time atm to test.
Test in VM ,

what will ""man date" also use "date --help"" do?

I'm using Date Menu Formatter. This is an Gnome extension that allows you to change the format of the date. For example, my taskbar looks like below.
Screenshot from 2023-03-08 17-20-26

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Thanks! But, how do i install a gnome extension? I have gnome tweaks installed.

Please follow the instructions at the top of that page.

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@Hackgets , Thank you, I've been having issues for a while trying to figure this out, i didnt know i needed to also install a gnome browser extension, never even heard of that b4, I luckily figured that now just now.
I dont know why they make this linux stuff so complicated & hard to do.

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This can open a can of worms.:wink:

Gnome Extensions become necessary for users due to Gnome developers dropping features or functional support in Gnome.
They remove something... Then an independent developer creates an extension that puts it back.
The Gnome Devs gripe about these Indiependent Developers and Extensions often, calling them a "niche thing" and "hacks."

Whether in Windows, Mac or Linux, it really is only a matter of time before developers begin to hunger for them to have more and more control and the user to have less and less.

Frankly... I find Microsoft Windows to be less controlling and in-your-face than Gnome.


There's definitely a ton about windows I love,its simplicity, its smooth & seamless design, GUI, experience & user friendliness. Zorin is my first major attempt ever at trying a linux based OS. And the only reason why is that I dont like all the tracking telemetry & closed source code that windows has, compared to linux. So I'm trying my hardest to make linux work. And because Zorin is not that user friendly, i am having to depend a lot on people to help me/advice, until i get a hang of things.

Also,from my understanding, the majority of code & scripts that are written on github are for linux & python. And
i have countless times encountered code on github i couldnt figure out how to use, because the only instructions for it were from linux terminal,etc. Or i had issues installing python on windows 7.

The line gets very blurry between something being "user friendly" and something being "New and unfamiliar."

If we take an example from a more absurd position; it may provide better clarity on the topic at hand.
Instead of Linux being friendly - let's try a person.

You move into a New and Unfamiliar home in a new neighborhood. The person that lives next door to you may be "friendly."
But how friendly?

Will they chat amicably, but politely excuse themselves when they get bored with you?
Will they mow your lawn for you?
Will they cuddle you on cold nights and bring you slippers?

There can come a point when a friendly person is... too "friendly."
And when they get that way, it actually can erode trust.

And they can be too standoffish, too. perhaps only giving a generic wave before avoiding you and going into their home. Or maybe unfriendly and being a pest.

I find Linux to be New and Unfamiliar. It is not lacking in friendliness most of the time; but it is also not going to mow your lawn for you. It is amicable, but you are still responsible for yourself.
As a new user, you do not need to go to Github to find things. You can if you want and if you want to expand your knowledge.
But most applications are readily available with minimal effort to install.
A user can use Zorin OS for years at a time without ever opening the terminal. Ok... I couldn't... but I know of several members on this forum that have done just that.

For me, personally...
I do not consider Windows to be User Friendly. It is... too friendly. Too up in my business. And I do not want my lawn mowed for me. I prefer self-sufficiency.
I may just need to rely on myself if my Neighbor Bill Windows moves away or dies.

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Replacing a familiar tool with a new one is difficult for anyone. However, Zorin OS has allowed me to get my PC back again so I will never use Windows again. I thank this community, especially @Aravisian , for helping me out.


There is limitation in any software, much less in Linux. Customization is one of the reasons Linux continues to exist. Windows appears user friendly, until you want to customize it beyond what MS expected or allowed.

I didn't like the restrictions of gnome either, though the look was appealing. So I tried other Desktop Environments (yes, everything on Linux is interchangeable... from desktop and file manager to login screen, even parts of the kernel). Anywho, I tried XFCE, it was OK but had the Win XP/7 feel. Then I tried Cinnamon, which was closer to Win 10, but still lacked the familiarity and comfort I was expecting. Now I run KDE Plasma on Zorin. Many of the issues you face aren't in this DE. Plasma is so customizable that it would take you a week to find and manipulate everything. Some say it's too many options for a new Linux user, and I couldn't disagree nor agree with them.

Like anything else you try for the first time, it will take some time to find its quirks, limitations and your ability to both use and understand it will increase. Don't expect it to be windows, it's not. Learn and grow, ease and comfort will follow understanding. Wow, if I don't sound like Yoda...:laughing:

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Thanks! I might try KDE Plasma when i get a chance, i dont know much about it.

You'll find that changing things is one of the best ways to learn. Sure, it may break something, but fixing it provides education and familiarity. If it doesn't, that's also cool.

Installing Plasma isn't difficult. Just don't try to remove gnome.

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