How to change the close/minimize/maximize icons on the titlebar of the window?

Hey all, i am new to the Linux world and just installed Zorin. I am about to make the system my own and wanted to know how to change the icons in the screenshot

I already tried to change the SVG file in usr/share/icons/zorin/scalable/action but sadly after restarting gnome, there is no difference. I saw some of you already changed them, but how? Thanks!

I believe you install desktop/icon themes to modify this.

Desktop: How to set a third-party desktop theme

Icons: How to set a third-party icon theme

Most often, these buttons are governed by the System Theme.
The Icon theme is usually used only as a fallback.

You can change to a custom made theme of either your own making or one available on Deviantart or Pling to change the titlebar buttons.

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thanks, yes, i just experienced and was blown away by the power of themes on linux lol

You asked me this same question on another thread. I answered you there. :grinning:

i'm using zorin lite , and i don't like the style of these icons too(close,minimize,maxmize ), I changed that by changing the wm theme to(window Windows-10-Dark-master), it's the best in my view, it's familiar and the bar take less space, u can change that by going to zorin appearance in taskmenu ,then theme ,then window manger