How to check if zorin os is corrupted?

Yesterday, I tried to install free cad from synaptic but when the downloading pop up comes, my whole system freezes. When this happens I have to forcefully shut down my system (by holding the power button) and restart. This is a new install of zorin os 15.3 and the recovery mode is not working. I just wanted to check if my os or perhaps the file system is corrupt? Is there any way to fix the recovery mode?

Any help will be appreciated :slight_smile: :confused:

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First try sudo apt dist-upgrade

The only one I am aware of is fsck: but you have to unmount the drive.

You could reinstall Synaptic by removing it with sudo apt-get purge --auto-remove synaptic and then reinstalling again with sudo apt install synaptic but likely this may not be the problem. In fact, ignore that, a quicker way is to try installing freecad with the terminal: sudo apt install freecad - if this doesn’t work, then the problem is not Synaptic.

My 2 cents is to do a reinstall of the OS - it would be quicker. If I recall, you had a swap partition issue, correct? This time just make sure you correctly size your partitions: root should be 15-20GB, swap should be twice your RAM, rest is home.

Thanks it fixed the issue, I also ran fsck from the live usb. Yes I had issue with hibernation but unfortunately I have already reinstalled zorin. Currently I do not need that option so may be I might look at it in the future?