How to customize my panel (taskbar)?

I am looking to move my icons around in a certain order and not show certain applications. Think Windows 10/11 menu design. Here is the menu option I picked and love: (I did make it left-centered, personal choice)


Thank you for your time.

Zorin OS Pro 16.1 (fully updated)

I adjusted the title to reflect that the Panel is what you wish to customize on Zorin OS Pro (Gnome).

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Thank you for this. I honestly didn't really know what to call it. haha

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I use the Lite desktop, not the Gnome Desktop, so I would be of little help.
If you Right Click the panel, you should be able to pull up a dialog window for panel preferences. You can use arrow buttons to reposition icons on the panel. And you can remove or add some, I think.
I am not sure... while testing Zorin OS 16, I tried using that Gnome Extension that gives Zorin Panel the preferences dialog and got all tangled up and tied in knots.
I had to call on @swarfendor437 to help get me untangled.

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Does Zoirn OS Pro not use the same Gnome as lite?

Zorin OS Lite used the XFCE Desktop Environment, instead of the Gnome Desktop Environment.


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