How to disable a utility

What’s the typical command line to disable a utility temporarily? I installed sshguard (months ago) which now seems to be interfering with an ftp process. Since I use ftp so rarely, it seems easier to disable sshguard, do my uploads, and then re-enable sshguard than to figure out the commands for whitelisting the ftp server. Anyone familiar with this?

The commands for sshguard:

sudo service sshguard stop

sudo service sshguard start

sudo service sshguard status

sudo service sshguard restart

So straightforward! Thanks Aravisian. I thought you’d “retired”. Back-burner followup question: is there any functional difference here between start and restart?

It’s a bit like when someone in the house is watching a movie that you do not care about and did not want to watch. But when you pass by the living room, you find yourself staring at the screen, getting sucked into it.

Well… Restart is a command issued while the operation is… operating… And it stops the service and starts the service again- Effectively two commands at once.
The start command is run when the operation is not operating causing it to start operating with one command.

…or worse

Oh! Slightly less than intuitive IMO. I used “stop”, then checked status to verify inactive. After doing my FTP stuff I input “restart” which worked fine, resulting in status check active. But I’ll just use start from now on. Thanks again. BTW, sounds like you need a new hobby :wink:

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