How to disable microphone in Zorin OS 15.3

I wanted to disable my microphone in my laptop running zorin os 15.3. I tried blacklisting snd_hda_intel in the blacklist config, but it also stops my speaker from working.

Is there any way to only disable the mic?

Settings -> Sound -> Input (tab). There is a toggle for the mic you can turn off.

Umm, I cannot find that, is it because I am using zorin os lite?

Could be. Sorry, I’m on Core.

any way to do that on lite edition?

Try terminal alsamixer. That brings up a GUI where you can scroll horizontally (using arrows) through the options. The mic shows up there. M is the toggle for mute.

It is not working, even after switching it to MM

I just got beaten up a few minutes ago by another Lite issue. :face_with_head_bandage:
Perhaps if @jgordon or @zabadabadoo or others are using Lite they can help. Sorry.

Actually I am considering switching to core, seems more beautiful and has more functionalities :slight_smile:

Sorry, I’m on Z15.3 Core.

In terminal Alsamixer, hit F6 to list your sound cards. Can you then post a screenshot of that Alsamixer screen here.

I’ve got an old PC that I’m trying to install core, lite, education and ultimate on. I’ll fire it up later and see what I can do.

BTW. I’ve also edited the title to change HOw to How. Hope you don’t mind?

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If you click on the volume control bottom right of the display and select Audio Mixer…

Select the Input Devices tab and mute the device?


Thanks for correcting me, didn’t notice it :smile:

So, How to disable microphone in Zorin OS 15.3 should be marked the solution, yes? Just want to make sure we have the right resolution for future readers.

There are two solutions here, one is the solution given by you earlier and the other one that has been quoted :slight_smile: