How to enter Recovery Zorin Menu?

Hello, im need to open recovery menu (where i can enter bios(because i cant enter it standart way)). How did i can open it menu?

P.S Its NOT that Grub Recovey Console!

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Do you mean Backup? Where seems you can do as Windows where you can restore a previous state?

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Yes! It is.

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If you don't see it open Zorin Menu > Utilities > Backup. If Utilities section misses (can be done, anyone can hide sections by Main Menu) search it by Activities button. It's on the taskbar, and if you don't have it right-click the taskbar > Taskbar Settings > Position > click Visible button on Activities button. Or type deja-dup and press Enter button on Terminal :grin:.

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There are several options but none is like Windows as there is no automatic recovery as such. The reason for this is that it only takes about 30 minutes to install a Linux OS. Most of the following are easy to install and use. First there is Timeshift which allows you to restore to a time before a problem arose. On a regular basis you can backup your data using Déjà Dup, reinstall Zorin and restore from your backup. The best way IMHO is to make a pre-configured image with Rescuezilla and then you can restore the OS to a time when everything was new.

The BIOS can be accessed at startup. How depends on your machine and whether your OS is MBR or UEFI.


You would have had to setup "backups" (deja dup) prior to the failure that requires the rollback. Short of that, you may have to reinstall.

You may want to relay what caused this need to roll back. The issue may be resolvable, if you bring it to the forums attention. It would save you a reinstall then also.

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