How to force filesystem to not full to more than 90%?

i want to avoid the problem of no free space that cause slow in pc,so there is dynamic ,auto ways to do that?

u cannot "force" the OS to stop writing data on ur disk, as doing things like watching videos on the internet involves writing data on ur disk as "cache". if u want to see what files occupy the most data on ur disk, u can check that by launching disk usage analyzer.

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Having a full disk also shouldn't cause any issues regarding performance in most cases, unless something is constantly writing/reading from it which may keep the system excessively busy.

Check for things like recently installed programs or perhaps this happens when running certain applications. If you are unsure you can try to read log messages from /var/log/syslog and similar files, but that requires a more time and effort to determine if something is going on so it's better if you already have some idea of what could be the problem.

To add to the above, you can sometimes tell when something is wrong by checking the size of the files inside the /var/log. I've seen cases where some program is constantly failing and retrying to boot, logging each attempt and ending up with log files taking upwards of 10Gb.

If you do see this behavior check what the log files have to say as they will most likely point to the faulty process or program generating this amount of output.

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