How to get a new workspace in zorin os 15.3

I need help to get a new workspace in zorin os 15.3. I have tried the ctrl+alt+(side) arrow key combination but even if I get a workspace it has the applications that I had opened in my first one. What I want is like how you get in windows 10, a new workspace should look like a new desktop, which will be independent from the first one and apps should not come in other workspaces.

Any ideas? :slight_smile:

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I know how to get workspaces but all the workspaces have the same apps, which are open in other workspaces. I want a workspace to be completely independent from one another. LIke if you open a new workspace you should get a completely new desktop. I used to get something like that in windows. Don’t know why this is not like that :grinning:

Thanks for that. Even though I am not getting the workspace that I used to get like in windows, I still like it :grinning:

I’ve not done much experimenting in Workspaces but there are a number of shortcuts and I was able to move the current window to a different workspace using Shift+Super+PageUp or PageDown.

Move to Workspace x is disabled by default but move up and down work out of the box. Though you can move to different workspaces using Super+PageUp or PageDown.

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I’ve just noticed that there’s an extension in Tweaks called “Auto Move Windows” that allows you to “Move applications to specific workspaces when they create windows”.

Hope that helps?

Umm, I am using the lite version so gnome extensions don’t work :slight_smile:

Thanks for that…I’d never have guessed at that keycombo.

Oddly, if you have a terminal window open, it’s pinned to the active workspace. Other application windows aren’t. I think this is someone’s bad memory of how UNIX was used in the 1980s :slight_smile:

If I remember correctly there is a setting in the desktop settings or window manager settings that opens applications on all workspaces, which simply needs unchecked. I’ll look tomorrow and get back to you which it is