How to get a "new" workspace?

How do I get a true new workspace? I mean, like when I switch to a new workspace, I can still see the application in the panel which is running in other workspaces? I need a clean workspace without any “pollution”. How do I do that?

Zorin uses dynamic workspaces. You can see the keyboard shortcuts in settings. If you install Tweaks you can set Zorin to use workspaces properly.

I’ll try and show screenshot later when I can get to my PC.

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I’m using Ultimate and it has Tweaks pre-installed, you may have to install Gnome Tweaks.


Here you can disable the default dynamic workspaces and other options.

These are the default keyboard shortcuts that you can amend.

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Als just noticed an extension in Tweaks Windowsnavigator.
This allows Ctrl+1… to jump to that workspace number and Alt+1… to jump to a window.

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Yes Thank you for answering but it still isn’t the answer to my question. When I switch to a new workspace, I can still see my old applications in the panel.
For Example, There are two workspaces, W1 and W2.
=>W1 has chrome open.
=>I switch to W2 workspace.
=>I can still see the chrome in the panel.
I want a clean interface. So that, when I open chrome in my W2, the chrome from W1 doesn’t mix up with W2.

The only way I’ve found to do this is to use the Zorin Dash extension (I think it’s the Gnome 3 layout) and using Tweaks, switch on Isolate Workspaces.

This allows me to have the activity bar only showing the applications for the current workspace.