How To Get Network Applet In Lock Screen?

I wanted to know is there any way to get a network applet in the lock screen with zorin os lite, like you get in gnome? Have checked the lightdm settings but can’t find any network applet.


I mean something like this:

Notice the wifi icon on the top?

How about Alt+Fn2 -> dconf-editor -> search for nm-applet and make sure it’s toggled on for show-in-lock-screen?
If there is no dconf-editor then install it using sudo apt install dconf-tools

It’s a bit tricky… For Zorin os LITE, install gtk-greeter-settings

sudo apt-get install -y lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings

Once installed, you need to manually add the network manager.
Ensure you have libapplication installed.
Then in terminal

sudo nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf

Add these lines to it:


Save and exit by hitting ctrl+x, then hit “y” then hit “enter key.”
Now open the lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings app and select all your desired preferences, including that nm-applet is enabled in the panel. Log out and in to test.

EDIT: A little late, but it just occurred to me I should post a source since it gives a lot of other helpful information that anyone can reference in future:

Possible configuration options listed below.
theme-name = GTK+ theme to use
icon-theme-name = Icon theme to use
background = Background file to use, either an image path or a color (e.g. 772953)
user-background = false|true (“true” by default") Display user background (if available)
transition-duration = Length of time (in milliseconds) to transition between background images (“500” by default)
transition-type = ease-in-out|linear|none (“ease-in-out” by default)
font-name = Font to use
xft-antialias = false|true Whether to antialias Xft fonts
xft-dpi = Resolution for Xft in dots per inch (e.g. 96)
xft-hintstyle = none|slight|medium|hintfull What degree of hinting to use
xft-rgba = none|rgb|bgr|vrgb|vbgr Type of subpixel antialiasing
—Login window:
active-monitor = Monitor to display greeter window (name or number). Use
cursor value to display greeter at monitor with cursor.
position = x y (“50% 50%” by default) Login window position
default-user-image = Image used as default user icon, path or #icon-name
hide-user-image = false|true (“false” by default)
panel-position = top|bottom (“top” by default)
show-clock = false|true (“false” by default)
clock-format = strftime-format string, e.g. %H:%M
show-indicators = semi-colon “;” separated list of allowed indicator modules. Built-in indicators include “~a11y”, “~language”, “~session”, “~power”. Unity indicators can be represented by short name (e.g. “sound”, “power”), service file name, or absolute path
a11y-states = states of accessibility features: “name” - save state on exit, “-name” - disabled at start (default value for unlisted), “+name” - enabled at start. Allowed names: contrast, font, keyboard, reader.
keyboard = command to launch on-screen keyboard (e.g. “onboard”)
keyboard-position = x y[;width height] (“50%,center -0;50% 25%” by default)
reader = command to launch screen reader (e.g. “orca”)
allow-debugging = false|true (“false” by default)
screensaver-timeout = Timeout (in seconds) until the screen blanks when the greeter is called as lockscreen
—Template for per-monitor configuration:
[monitor: name]
background = overrides default value
user-background = overrides default value
laptop = false|true (“false” by default) Marks monitor as laptop display
—General Greeter
theme-name = GTK+ theme to use
icon-theme-name = Icon theme to use
background = Background file to use, either an image path or a color (e.g. 772953)

When I opened the lightdm settings I found only these:

In the external services and library can’t seem to find the network applet. Which category here has that or should I have to manually add that?

I just tested this on mine and - it is not working anymore. Back to the drawing board.

That said… You can use GDM instead of LightDM on Linux Lite, if you want to switch…

Switch? I just love Zorin so much :star_struck: had distro hopped to Ubuntu Budgie and Linux Mint in between and have to say Zorin is the most stable distro I have seen so far.

Also can’t we use GDM on Zorin?

Yes, that is all I meant by switching. You can use GDM on Zorin Lite.

Will try that soon and let you know :blush: