[HOW TO] Install Compiz on Zorin OS Lite

To install compiz on Zorin OS Lite:

Open your Window Manager Tweaks and disable Compositing.

sudo apt update && sudo apt install compizconfig-settings-manager compiz compiz-plugins dconf-editor

Open the Compiz plugin configuration menu:


Check the boxes ON for Composite, OpenGL, Animations, Application Switcher, Move Window, Maximize and Place Windows.You may want to enable Scale and Cube.
You may need Dconf-Editor to navigate to org\gnome\desktop\wm\preferences and set the theme.
You may need to use gtk3-nocsd:

Hit alt+F2 and enter compiz --replace

If using WhiskerMenu, add the rule title=Whisker Menu to plugin settings.


I don't see the title bar on the windows...
where can i put this rule?

Did you run?

Do you have Emerald or Emerald themes installed?

default vanilla zorin


You can also search Pling or other sites for Emerald Window Titlebar themes.

You can use emerald --replace to replace the window manager.