How to Install latest Kernel Version Zorin 16.1?

How to install the latest Kernel Version in Zorin OS 16.1 core?

"uname -r" gives my Kernel Version 15.13, I would like to update to the latest version, any help on this is greatly appreciated.

If you search the forum there are numerous postings telling you exactly how to do it.

Keep in mind having the newest and greatest Kernel can sometimes badly interact with your system. You should know how to fix this before trying to make changes.


Maka timeshift backup before a Kernel update because the newest kernel MAYBE unstable.
"A backup always saves your day"

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This bears quoting and repeating - it is a very valid piece of advice.

If you must have the latest kernel, for example for drivers required by the newest hardware, I would highly recommend using the Tuxinvader kernel or the Liqourix kernel as they are patched.
Just installing the standard mainline may actually cause failures.

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If you want to have the latest zorin version you will have to install it fresh.... backup first.

If you want the latest kernel, it begs the question why. If you think having the latest will somehow improve your machine or give you something you don't have, the reality is that it won't. Unless you are having issues with hardware working, i wouldn't bother. The features that are added to the new kernels are not yet bug free, may not be implemented on older hardware and are most likely things you will barely use.

Like android, having the latest will most likely not give much in the way of enhancements unless the hardware can handle it. This has no effect on UI in Linux. That is based on your DE. So having the latest kernel is pointless unless it's hardware necessary.

Zorin 16.1 can be downloaded from just choose your flavor (core or lite).


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