How to install Wine version 6.0 stable?

Excuse me, can someone tell me how to choose which Wine version that I want to use during the installation. Correct me if I'm wrong, I remember that Zorin OS 16 only provided Wine version 5.x(I don't exactly know which version 5 it is). And I installed Wine version 7.0 stable because I can't run my accounting software using Wine version 5.

But, as it turned out, I also couldn't run that software using Wine version 7.0. So what I did was installed Crossover trial version, and installed that software using Crossover. And it could run. When I checked the Wine Configuration, I found that Crossover chose to use Wine version 6.0. Despite that, I also tried the same on Play on Linux and change the default Wine version to version 6.0, and it could run.

I know this is kinda weird thing to ask in here, but I'm curious if I can install Wine version 6.0 on Zorin OS 16, and run my accounting software with vanilla Wine.

Thanks in advance.

I would suggest asking on the Wine Forums about this; since from what I can tell, if the Accounting software works on 6.0, it really should work the same on 7.0.
Something is very strange here.

You could try installing playonlinux which allows you to choose which version of wine to use per application.

Ordinarily, I would suggest trying

sudo apt install -y winehq-stable=6.0~focal wine-stable=6.0~focal wine-stable-amd64=6.0~focal wine-stable-i386=6.0~focal

Except that the focal repos on Wine seem to be a Jumbled MESS as of late, inhibiting even the most mundane and normal installations of Wine...

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Actually I already have it runs using Play on Linux with Wine version 6.0, but this question is just my curiosity if there's any way to choose wine version that I want to install.

Yeah right, the newer version should runs better, but the fact it couldn't run my software.

I just tried it and here's the result. The bottom one:

Thank you for response, really appreciate it.

I agree; it would be a reasonable thing. However, at least you have a means you have already of getting things to work.

I am getting the same exact result- And I did not used to get this result. I am on the Main Server.
So I am uncertain what is going on with the repository that it is acting this way... Others have also run into more difficulty lately installing Wine-itself, due to some of these issues.
It has been noted on the Wine Forum that the packages in focal fossa are incomplete, as well.

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