How to install in terminal?

I am trying to install zekr software. So, I have download zekr-1.1.0-linux-portable.tar.bz2 file and extracted it into the download folder. and then change the permission using sudo chmod +x this command. when run "sudo sh" or ./ it give this error 21: /home/hasibul/Downloads/zekr/jre/bin/java: **Permission denied**. I have installed default jre using this command sudo apt-get install default-jre and i am using open jdk 17

what should I do ?

Try doing this in root

sudo -i

I have tried like this
but not work.

I need help as soon as possible. Thanks.

Please do not run a command for a specific file using the -i parameter.
The -i parameter directs sudo to run the command from the Root Account, not from the home account.

Have you navigated to ~/Downloads/zekr/jre/bin/java and set the file permissions with Right click > Properties > allow executing as a program, then trying to run the file?

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done, but got this error

I am not sure why that shell script is trying to locate java in your Home Directory...
But this installation method may be more trouble than it is worth.

Can you please abandon this process and instead, open Software & Updates.
On the first tab, ensure that all four top options are checked - you need the MultiVerse option (The forth one on the list) certainly.

Once that is done, open terminal and run

sudo apt update && sudo apt install zekr

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You made the shell script executable and changed its permissions, but you have to change the permissions for the directory containing the shell script. That way the included libraries and installation files have the permissions they need.

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