How to install Zorin 16?

Hello. How do I install Zorin 16? Do I also have to install it via a USB drive like when installing the other versions?

Sorry I am so new to Linux and just installed Zorin 15 today. I'm not very techie so please bear with me :slight_smile:

Installing Zorin 16 would be exactly the same as how you installed Zorin 15.
You can use USB or you can burn to a DVD and boot the disk in the DVD drive to install.
I recommend using Unetbootin as the etcher to burn to USB if using the USB stick method.

Ok. How about using BalenaEtcher? I used that to burn the disk image in the USB and was what they recommended in the ZORIN 15 installation page. Is there any reason why Unetbootin is better for Zorin 16?

Hello iberian_princess :slight_smile:

You can use any software to create USB installer.
My favourite is Etcher, but some of my equipments (namely Intel Computestick) only take installer made with Rufus for some reasons.

We have seen a number of people having problems with USB sticks after using BalenaEtcher to create their bootable USB's. I have stuck with Unetbootin as it has never let me down. I know others on here have the same preference, but it is only a personal preference.