How to make an iso from an existing zorin os lite

hello i found an old all in one pc and want to restore it and i was asking if i could make an iso file from this laptop wich already has zorin os lite without having to redownload it

You could try doing so using RescueZilla.

Or you might try Cubic; Which I have never tried, myself:

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In the past I have used a now dead project, remastersys, but has been taken up again but only think it works with Debian:

Just found this:

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i cant download it do i have to make an account

You never need an account with sourceforge unless this app is asking for one in which case would be dubious. I'm just having a break from jetwashing the patio. Will look later.

alright i guess im just an idiot ill try again thx

Hmm! I get to see the Files but as soon as I click on download I get a sourceforge project advert! Not good!

Did a search and found this:

Just download the file at bottom of page (under Built files).

I think there is 32-bit version (i386) here:

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Can you give us the spec's of the machine.
desktop/laptop/Brand & model:

Does the machine have anything installed/running on it at the moment?

Never think like this,
It can be a daunting task for the experienced Linux Users.
( some programmers struggle with installation, as you know we can't remember/Know everything & if your not doing it every day/often , it is back to the book/research time :smile: )

It will be much easier to download & create a bootable usb stick, ( if possible keep this usb stick )
An 8gb stick will cover both Zorin Core/Lite & Pro.

If needed to refresh your mind about installing, look here. Create/install

Keep us informed :+1:

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i downloaded the deb file and installed in the software store but i cant find it

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hi thank you for your nice words truly helps

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Install Gdebi package mansger and install with that.

how do i do all that pls

Perhaps this other post by Swarf will help you install gdebi: Installing Deb package - #2 by swarfendor437

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Gday @FazeDaddy , as you see there are several app's to help, i have used RescueZilla, & it is very easy to use & plenty of Tut's to help.
RescueZilla will copy part or all of your pc setup, All you need to do is remember your password.
From experience, i will try one app, if it doesn't suit me , i then try the next/etc. Another approach is to watch some youtube videos relating to the app, this can be an eye opener.
As you see we have many suggestions/different app's that will help.
Hope this helps.

alright in the end i just downloaded the iso from zorin os website because it just made things easier even though my orignal post didn't want to do that

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You can use cubic to customize the ISO however you please.

When it asks if you want to include updates from the maintainer, say no, otherwise you'll get Ubuntu not Zorin.

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